Chezs & Speedgun

Siamese, Orientals & Whippets


Our Whippets live indoors as part of our family, they are usually found curled up on the settee doing what Whippets do best, sleeping! They are raised with cats and are used to lots of love and attention.

When they are not sleeping they do enjoy their exercise. We are members of the Yorkshire pedigree whippet racing club and when we get chance we attend fun meetings where our girls have the chance to fully stretch their legs and RUN! We enjoy regular beach outings with the girls and can often be seen on the organised Whippet walks at Fraisethorpe beach (our favourite) and other local areas.

If you want to know more about any of our girls please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please note that both Dotty & Molly live with Pauls mum Wendy. She has the same love of the breed as us and has the occasional litter with our assistance and input. Although a puppy from Wendy is independently registered from the Speedgun Kennel will not be KC registered, they have the same care and attention as any of our Speedgun puppies and receive the same aftercare, goody bag and lifelong support.



Fawn & White Particolour

China retired from breeding in 2018 and is now a fantastic Grandma to any pups born here!


Blue with white trim


Blue brindle & white particolour




Black with white trim 


Brindle & White Particolour



Blue Brindle & white

The Speedgun family at rest and play