Chezs & Speedgun

Siamese, Orientals, Maine Coons & Whippets

Meet the Furries!

Our cats live with us as part of the family and get on well with each other and our Whippets, unless they are arguing for sofa space! They are all friendly and loving and enjoy curling up on our knees watching TV

Some enjoy attending shows and their success can be seen on our Facebook page, others prefer to be at home. If you want to know more about one of our girls then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Below are photos of our current breeding girls, however we also have some retired girls (and the occasional moggy) who you may see on photos or in our home should you visit!

Juannre Talia-Al-Ghul


Blue Tortie & White

Sire: Kassaro Peppermint-Cream

Dam: Juannre Amber Dreams

HCM - normal / PKDef - normal / SMA - normal

Chezs Gamora


Blue Classic Tabby

Sire: Desmon of Moonlight Lynx

Dam: Juannre Talia-Al-Ghul

HCM - normal / PKDef - normal / SMA - normal


Chezs Nebula


Black Tortie & white

Sire: Desmon of Moonlight Lynx

Dam: Juannre Talia-Al-Ghul

HCM - normal / PKDef - normal / SMA - normal